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   The property buying process doesn't need to be stressful and complicated. Choosing a qualified, honest, and experienced real estate and property inspector can give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make sound real estate purchasing decisions. At Independent Property Inspection Consultants, our inspections and commitment to honesty and accuracy bring peace of mind to our clients.  We are here to offer a second opinion that is objective for which our clients may consider in the purchase process.

During an inspection, whether it is residential or commercial, you will want to know whether the issue is a serious structural issue or simply uncorrectable, a deferred maintenance issue which can be corrected at affordable costs, safety issues, or and issue which cannot be corrected due to the financial costs likely to be incurred by you or another potential buyer.  There may be other reasons but most fall under the above areas where buyers make a decision to purchase or not to purchase.

At Independent Property Inspection Consultants, we take the time to learn how we can best assist you in the decision making process. We spend time with you, clearly explaining our findings, asking questions, giving you real answers that can help you make the right decision. We understand how important a real estate purchase is to you. Once our thorough inspection is complete, we will print a complete report that includes photos and explanations, within a couple of days We don't consider a job to be complete until all of your questions are answered. At Independent Inspections, we don't answer to anyone but you. We do not have any relationships with real estate agencies, mortgage brokers, or anyone involved in the real estate industry that comes before you our client. We are completely independent. This is how we can honestly say that we operate with integrity. To us, it's not just a's a way of life.

Our professional inspector and consultant Ronald Bachner is experienced in construction, plumbing, property maintenance issues, zoning, property condition assessments, ASTM Standards for the Real Estate industry, electrical matters, environmental issues,  and more.  We only represent our clients interests and are interested in communicating our findings to you.  Our professional inspector is friendly, approachable, and well-spoken. Call us today and experience the difference for yourself at 412-561-5969.

We do Commercial Property Inspections.  Protect Yourself Before Your Buy or Make an Offer of Purchase.*

Effective December 1, 2019

We offer over 14 Commercial Types of Inspection Services ranging from $125.00 to $2,599.00.  Call for free PDF to learn more.  We have the right service for you.

Available Services:

  Residential & Commercial Inspection Services
Property Condition Assessments (PCA)
Real Estate Due Diligence Inspections
Lender New Construction Draw Inspections 
Residential & Commercial Due Diligence Safety Inspections
ASTM 2018 Property Condition Assessments (PCA)
ASTM E-1528 Environmental Site Assessments  
ASTM E-1527 Transactional Environmental Screens

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"A National Real Estate Due Diligence Contractor"

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HUD FHA Licensed Inspector (P106) in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. 

FHA 203(k) Approved Consultant P1853

Residential Whole House Home Inspection 
Only $369.00 Any SFH in Allegheny County, PA (Includes FREE Wood Destroying Inspection, 13 Point Truth In Housing Guarantee, and 15% Discount on Future Inspections)

Residential Major Components Inspection - Foundation - Roof - Framing- Plumbing Systems - Heating System - Electrical System.
Only $300.00 up to 2000 square feet.

Other Inspections From $149.00  Call for more information.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report $49.00 Single Family with Home Inspection.

* Commercial Inspections billed at flat rate of $37.00 per hour.  Other Conditions May Apply - Please call for more information.  Special rates for regular  repeat commercial clients.

Certified Building Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Mechanical Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, and Housing Code Official
Commercial Property Condition Assessment Inspections Our Specialty
Serving Residential and Commercial Clients
We Only Represent Out Clients Interest.

Independent Property Inspection Consultants
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